Couch Surfing Series

CouchSurfing is a sister series to The LIVINGroom, where artists workshop and perform autobiographical, non-fiction pieces with at least one theatrical element. Pieces range from monologues, to movement, to song and lyrics. The goal is to broaden the boundaries of solo-performance and to keep performers active in between The LIVINGroom's mainstage shows.

Throughout the year we will pick hosts in various neighborhoods throughout the city and of various artistic backgrounds (even no artistic backgrounds at all!) in hopes of introducing solo-performance to new communities.

Safe spaces can breed bold work. What's safer than someone's home? We hope a more informal setting will encourage artists to test out new ideas, get creative with lighting/sound/etc., and let a low-stakes process generate even more fondness for the form! Expect a line-up of 8 or more performers with a range of talents, all around 6 minutes long. Intimate and immersive! After, drink-eat-discuss-party!

Couch Surfing shows will usually be within the 3rd weekend of every other month.