The LIVINGroom Presents:

The LIVINGroom is a performance series that brings together solo artists and directors who devise, stage, and perform autobiographical stories based on a theme. Staged in the Cabaret Theater at Stage 773, performances blend spoken word, movement, spectacle, music, and any other device that bridges the personal and the universal.

At its core, the LIVINGroom is a collaboration among all of the artists involved. An ensemble of writer/performers and a director develop their ideas, drawn from or centered on a theme or challenge, through the writing and rehearsal process, creating a theatrical staging of autobiographical stories.

We have a new four-show season in an exciting new space and with some of the most experienced directors, talented performers, and skilled writers and designers that Chicago has to offer.

We return in May with THREE nights of new solo performance: Sundays, May 7, 14, and 21, at 7:00 pm!

The LIVINGroom blends solo performance with other forms to explore a year of growth. Performers ask: How does an individual grow out of uncomfortableness and struggle? What does this have to do with lobster? Come find out! There will be anxieties on the dance floor, and improvisers grieving from afar. We'll really dig around in our brain to pull out those precious memories, and trap ourselves in a bathroom for a minute or two if that doesn't work. Watch us scroll away the mundane, and maybe even celebrate with a cakewalk.